Quantitative Data Collection

Thinkfield maintains a state of the art 60 seat CATI & CAPI facility.


Computer Assisted Telephone Interview

CATI Interviews are undertaken with guidance from software utilising pre configured responses displayed on screen.

This presents an extremely efficient process where the interviewer can concentrate on the communication with the respondent, rather than the course of the interview. Data is entered directly to reduce errors and enable real-time analysis.


Computer Assisted Personal Interview

A high tech face to face technique where the interviewer and respondent interact via video link.

This reduces the possibility of inaccuracies in the interview process and enables a much more personalised interviewing experience.

Door to Door
Mystery Shopping
Online Surveys
Tracking Studies
Executive Interviewing

Also known as Store Intercept and Street Intercepts, these surveys are undertaken with consumers on site, resulting in:

  • Highly qualified responses
  • Quotas being met quickly
  • No delay in reaching respondents
Door to Door

Face to face interviews are ideal when a specific group of people is being targeted. These are ideal where both the survey answers and the behaviour of the respondents are important.

  • Respondents are likely to be more hospitable
  • Fewer terminations mid interview
  • Survey results can include behavioral responses
Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way for organisations to check operational procedures and are often used to verify customer service benchmarks within an organisation.

  • Ideal for situations where customer satisfaction correlated to procedures
  • Tried and tested research solution
Online Surveys

Online surveys are very popular in our modern tech driven world, there are many benefits to using online survey tools, such as:

  • Low entry and operating costs
  • Automation and real-time access
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Convenience for respondents
  • Design flexibility
  • No interviewer
Tracking Studies

Brand tracking studies can provide insights into the effectiveness of marketing programs and monitor the health of a brands, Thinkfield can create programs designed to monitor:

  • Awareness
  • Usage
  • Attitudes
  • Perceptions
  • Purchase intent
Executive Interviewing

Mining the knowledge banks of an organisation's executive team can provide critical insight for an organisation, that otherwise may remain hidden. Thinkfield has extensive experience providing:

  • Trained and experienced analysts
  • Focused dialog between executive and interviewer
  • A process designed to fit corporate culture
  • Preservation of core Intellectual Property

Output from Data Collection


SPSS, Q, Excel, PowerPoint

Thinkfield can align it's project workflows to integrate with client systems, outputting data in all major formats.

Data Visualisation, Video & Workshops

When presenting findings, using new media and presentations techniques can add impact to the messages and their meanings. Interactive visualisations, videos and workshops can create an immersive experience to deliver key findings from a project, and provide valuable resources post project.

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