Privacy Policy

Thinkfield is a data collection company based in Leederville in WA. We collect data from thousands of people every year, gathering their feedback and opinions on various products, services and offerings on our clients’ behalf.

Thinkfield collects data from random dial telephone surveys, online surveys, intercepting people while they’re at a particular place/ venue. Some projects involve contact with people who have registered their details elsewhere, as we work on their behalf to gather independent feedback. In addition to our work with the general public, Thinkfield also have a list (or panel) of around 50,000 everyday Australians who have registered their interest in taking part in genuine market research projects. We call this panel “Thinkfield Panel”.

Whether you are selected at random to take part in a survey, or your details came to us from a client-provided list, or you registered yourself on Thinkfield Panel, Thinkfield will always stick to these key promises:

  • Thinkfield (and Thinkfield Panel) respects peoples’ privacy and all of our operations adhere to the Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014
  • We won’t pass on any of your contact details to a third part unless you have given us your express permission to do so. This applies to your name(s), contact phone number(s), address, email address, everything.
  • We will not sell you anything, ever. We only want your feedback and opinions.
  • The feedback you give is de-identified (your name is not tied to your responses) before it is passed on to our clients.
  • If you take part in a focus group it may be recorded – but we’ll ask you permission for this before you enter the group.
  • We will never question if you do not want to take part in research, or if you want to be removed from Thinkfield Panel. You are absolutely within your rights to refuse to take part in a survey and we don’t mind if you refuse. We will not keep contacting you if you tell us you don’t want to take part. If you have signed up to Thinkfield Panel you can either remove yourself (by logging in) or call Thinkfield on 9316 3366 at any time and ask to be removed. Or you can click on the “unsubscribe” link in any of our email invitations and this will remove you from our system.