Oscar Winners – How did Westsense Panel’s Predictions Stack Up?

Here in Australia we have to pull a Monday Sickie to watch the Oscars live. If like us you’ve run out of “excuses” to skip work – January is summer after all-  all you got to see on your computer screen between spreadsheets was:

1:20 pm: The Oscar for the best movie goes to La La Land

1:25 pm: WAIT A MINUTE… There has been a mistake! It seems Moonlight won Best Movie. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Stay tuned for more info.

What a roller coaster of emotions!

Hitherto, we never thought the Oscars could be so entertaining slash make us feel oh so uncomfortable.

In the spirit of Award Season we decided to let the Australian public try its hand at voting for the Academy Awards. Last week we revealed the results of our own Oscar survey. Using Westsense Panel to get a general population sample, we collected over 500 responses to determine winners in the major categories.

Check out how our audience respondents choices stacked up against the Academy’s.

And since not everyone’s favourite film of the year make the list of Oscar’s nominees, we  also asked respondents to share their favourite film of 2016. Using a word cloud, we surfaced the most common responses.