Incentive Policy


Incentive Procedure

Incentives are given as reimbursement for time and travel or as a prize draw.

All respondents will be notified at time of interview or recruitment regarding the value of the incentive/ prize draw and how it will be paid.

A record of all incentives is recorded on the job summary, detailing the amount, whether the incentive is being provided by Thinkfield or the client directly.

Incentive Payments

Focus Group Incentives:

Where Thinkfield is paying an incentive on behalf of a client for focus group attendance, all attendees are paid by cash immediately following attendance at the focus group. Attendees must sign a form to verify the receipt of the incentive.

Face to Face Interview Incentive:

Where Thinkfield pays an incentive on behalf of a client for face to face interviews, the incentive is given immediately following the interview. Incentives for face to face may include cash, coffee vouchers, chocolate and scratch tickets. Respondents must confirm receipt of the incentive. At validation, it is also checked to ensure the incentive was received.

Prize Draw Incentive:

Thinkfield is authorised by the Gaming and Wagering Commission to conduct Trade Promotions Lotteries for respondents completing relevant surveys.

As such, Thinkfield carries out Trade Promotion Lotteries (prize draws) according to the conditions outlined in the “conditions for the conduct of a trade promotion lottery” under Section 104 of the Gaming and Wagering Commission Act 1987.

Terms and conditions for prize draws are provided to all persons included in any draw.

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