Thinkfield Focus Group Room Hire


We have 3 specialised focus group rooms, each fully equipped with digital audio and video recording, with web streaming on request.

Rooms 1 and 2 have one-way mirror viewing facilities and room 3 has the comfortable couch room viewing via TV link also perfect for depth interviews.

Each of the focus group rooms and the viewing rooms can be set up to your meet your needs. We also have ample space for sensory testing.

Being specialists in recruitment, we understand the importance of having ON SPEC groups with good attendance. We know how you feel arriving from Eastern States after a long flight and groups which are often occurring at midnight your time. Everything should be like clockwork.

Room 1 image 3

Focus Group Room 1

Room 2 New 2

Focus Group Room 2

Back Focus Group Room

Focus Group Room 3

Viewing Room 2

Viewing Room 1

Viewing rooms

Viewing Room 2

Break out, IDI, couch room, remote viewing room

Viewing Room 3 / Casual IDI room

Sensory Testing

Sensory Test Set Up

Thinkfield Waiting area

Thinkfield Reception