Client Feedback

Client satisfaction is at the heart of Thinkfield’s business, and as a research company we regularly gather data on the subject to ensure our clients are getting the service they expect.


'We pride ourselves on providing our client’s with the very best quality research with exceptional customer services and serious added value.'

Annual Client Satisfaction Survey

Each year, we ask our clients how we’re doing, and we use the responses to develop our business. In 2015 we managed a Net Promoter Score of +78, suggesting that the vast majority of Thinkfield clients are keen advocates of our services. Client Satisfaction rated 8.82 out of 10. We’re certainly pleased with those numbers, but we never stop looking for ways to improve them.

In Built Feedback

Feedback from Client Surveys is incorporated into our business development goals. We are constantly reviewing and improving our project processes and incorporating the latest research developments into our products and services. This dedicated approach to continual improvement allows Thinkfield to offer the most comprehensive and cutting edge research techniques available.


Net Promoter Score


Client Satisfaction

A Selection of Our Satisfied Clients



"I would say they respond positively to client requests, provide high quality service and do so in a timely manner.”

WA Department of Health

"Provided daily updates on fieldwork status. Had a very professional manner in liaising both with us and with the respondents (which were CEO's etc.). Quick turnaround time of fieldwork and data.”


"Get the job done with minimal fuss. Accurate work, good quality. Experienced, good at problem solving. Also, very cost effective.”

David Srdarov | Co-operative Bulk Handling

"They are willing to go beyond the scope of the project.”

Adri Van Der Mescht | Ipsos

Perth office: +61 (8) 9316 3366