Qualitative Recruitment

Thinkfield has an excellent reputation for a deep understanding of the Australian market and what makes us unique.

Drawing from the latest research in behavioural and cultural trends, our qualitative approaches can not only explain how markets evolve, but why people are engaging and reacting to the circumstances in which they live.

Focus Groups

A small number of individuals meet to discuss and debate a topic of interest. The size of the group is designed so that the individuals are encouraged to express their opinions freely.

  • Usually guided by a prepared agenda
  • Led by an experienced interviewer
  • Sessions are generally tape-recorded for analysis

In Depth Interviews

In depth interviews involve single participants and generally delve into much more details than quantitative or group sessions. Individuals are encouraged to express themselves at length and share real events rather than general comments. These studies are ideal for:

  • Probing issues in detail
  • Authentic responses on real beliefs
  • Critical incident studies
Quantitative Research Australia - Focus Groups

Ad Tests

Testing is vital to ensure advertising campaigns are generating a suitable ROI and meeting key goals. Advertising effectiveness research can:

  • Measure public awareness
  • Analyse advertising spend
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Help campaigns quickly adapt to feedback

Sensory Testing

By combining scientific measurement with qualitative research techniques - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch can be measured and incorporated into research data to provide:

  • Sensory profiling
  • Objective interpretations
  • Enhanced product and experience review


Taking research processes out of their traditional contexts can have remarkable affects on the results gathered. Thinkfield can facilitate immersive workshops designed to:

  • Gain remote or in-context research
  • Create unregulated and innate responses
  • Observe behaviour during the experience

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