About Us

As Australia’s largest market research data collection agency, we’ve now completed over 9,000 field projects since our beginnings in 1991.

Our experience gives us unique insights into almost every research exercise, ensuring an efficient approach and intelligent analysis.

About Thinkfield

Thinkfield’s services include Qualitative Data Collection (door-to-door, mystery shopping, online surveys, etc.) and Qualitative Recruitment (for focus groups, ad tests, workshops, etc.). Our resources include in-house focus group facilities and our own extensive database and research panel.

Our expertise is available to business directly as well as in support of marketing and research agencies. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Built around the most exacting standards, Thinkfield has a well-earned reputation for quality and integrity in Data Collection.

The Thinkfield brand was born in 2015 when West Coast Field Services joined forces with Research Panel to create a single entity with enormous combined experience, resources and skill. With a quarter-century track record, Thinkfield is one of Australia’s leading market research organisations, with a particular specialisation in outbound call centre services.

Thinkfield maintains a state of the art 60 seat CATI & CAPI facility.







Key Points

  • One of Australia’s leading Market Research Data Collection Agencies
  • Biggest Data Collection Agency in Australia
  • Operations Australia-wide
  • Service the needs of virtually any market research or customer contact project throughout Australia
  • Specialising in outbound call centre services
  • International presence: part of The Key Research Group of Companies
    • Offices in Perth (WA), Tauranga (NZ), Oamaru (NZ)
  • Established in 1991, with over 9,000 market research field projects completed
  • Focus on ‘Our reputation for delivering the highest quality research resources for our clients’

Key People

Sandra Simpson
General Manager

Fern Simpson
Senior Project Manager

John De Biasi
Field Project Manager


Our Core Values

Delivering the highest quality research field resources to our clientsProfessional Data Collection with IntegrityExacting Standards in Data CollectionBest quality research resources for our clients

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